Why Choose Employee Risk Management Co., Inc.?

If your company fits into any of the following categories, we can help!
  • Paying annual workers’ compensation deposit
  • Currently with a staff leasing company, but not sure if rates are competitive with the market
  • Knowingly paying higher than normal rates for workers’ compensation, SUTA, general liability and/or bonding
  • Simply want to reduce payroll administration burden
  • Pursuing an employee benefits package at competitive "large company" rates

What Others Say

John Naisbitt, Author, Megatrends and Re-Inventing the Corporation:
“We think within a decade, as many as 10 million of us will be leased employees.”
The Wall Street Journal:
“Loyalty doesn't fade when the workers are leased from a separate company.”
Time Magazine:
“More and more firms are discovering that the best way to take care of their employees is to let them go, then rehire them under lease.”
IRS Statement:
“The Internal Revenue Service clearly recognizes that the employee leasing industry can offer legitimate and distinct advantages to businesses, employees, and to the IRS… we view the employee leasing industry very positively.”
Business Age Magazine:
“Offer improved employee benefit plans and devote more management time to improving job satisfaction and overall productivity by hiring an employee leasing firm to assume personnel management responsibilities and administer benefit programs.”

Our services are:

  • Professional
  • Economical
  • Confidential

A Futuristic Business Concept

Employee leasing gives you the advantage of operating your business in a more efficient manner by turning over personnel related paperwork to specialists and freeing your staff to operate the business.
The employee leasing company transfers your employees to their payroll, and leases them back to you. As a result, the leasing company becomes the legal employer. All personnel action—hiring, firing, compensation, etc.—are implemented through the company's on-site supervisor. On-site supervisor may be a corporate officer of your company or any other individual acceptable to you.