With the unemployment rate holding steady at just over four percent nation-wide, the urgency to find employment is not as severe as it once was, but still a concern if you find yourself out of work.
Whether you are looking for part-time work to pay the bills or a job that offers a little bit more security as far as health insurance and other benefits, it can be hard to weed out the great potential leads from dead end jobs.

One way to help you find a job that best fits your skill level and immediate needs is the use of a temp personnel service. While the name of a temp agency implies that the work demanded is a temporary gig, this assumption is not always the case. You can find wonderful work you can love in choosing a temp agency to guide you to the perfect career and have many doors opened for you.

Here are some excellent reasons why choosing a temporary personnel service to help you find your new job is a wise choice. Before long, you just may find yourself in a job position you wouldn't have been able to locate on your own.

Temp Agencies Match You With Work Based on Your Skills

A temp agency is a particularly great option for you if you have ample work skills that you'd like to showcase. Perhaps you have years of customer service experience and can run a cash register with ease. Maybe you can type several words per minute and are skilled in modern office programs.
You may not have years of college education to back up your ability to work, but you have many life-learned skills that can be applicable in many work settings.
A temp agency takes your work history into account and tests you on your current skills, then places you into job considerations of employers looking for people with your specific talents. If you are worried that not having a college education will keep you from quality work, a temp agency will help you shine and find gainful work.

Temp Agencies Match You With Employers for Part-Time Work

If you have children at home you need to care for or you are in school or already have another job, a temp agency can be useful in helping you find "extra" employment. Many companies seek additional staff for busy seasons or to be "on call" and have a difficult time finding workers who are able to take on small or varied shifts.
A temporary staffing agency will be happy to match you with eager employers looking for flexible employees like yourself.

Temp Agencies Promote You Positively

A temp agency will likely drug test you and do a criminal background check on your person before they recommend you to reliable jobs. They also may test your skills so they know you are a reliable employee they can promote.
These precautions are a good thing: they tell potential employers that you are drug-free and able to do the work you set out to do. Since you have more than your own word to back up your application, having a temp agency locate potential employers may help you move up the application ladder and get hired more readily.
Before applying for any temporary staffing agency, make sure you compile a list of people who can recommend you based on your previous work history and write down your current skills. When you choose All Temps Personnel Service to help you find a job, you open the door to great career potential. Allow us to assist you in finding a great job today.